The Chevrolet Cruze Sport Edition makes an appearance again at the latest Naza World Auto Mania event that happened last weekend. We first sighted it at the first instalment of the event back in April this year.

It features a silver paintjob this time around and appears to be closer to the actual product you’ll be able to buy – the black on that we first saw had aftermarket headlamps and different alloy wheels.

The brochures given out this time also has more details on what the ‘Performance Pack’ included in the Cruze Sport means. It’s basically a performance air filter that’s claimed to increase power and throttle response as per the dyno curve you see below.

Apparently the original curve has a dip somewhere in the mid point between 3,500 and 6,500 rpm and and the air filter fixes it. Peak power appears to be about the same though, as is the curve in the second half of the graph. We’d advise you to test drive it to see if you can feel the difference.

Other than that, the Sport Edition features added equipment like a full bodykit, black leather upholstery with red highlights, and illuminated door sill plates. Have a look at the photos of the spec list in the gallery for more details. It retails for RM122,868.17 OTR with insurance.