We’re not done yet – the Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR) will also see toll rate increases at four out of its six tolls from October 15, 2015, according to The Star.

At the Ijok, Kuang Timur, Kuang Barat and Templer toll plazas, Class 1 (private vehicle) users will now be charged 50 sen more at RM2.50. Elsewhere, it’s RM5.00 (up RM1.00) for Class 2 (small lorries), RM7.50 (up RM1.50) for Class 3 (large lorries) and RM1.30 (up 30 sen) for Class 4 (taxis); the rate for Class 5 (buses) remains at RM2.00.

Kundang Timur and Kundang Barat tolls – which began charging toll from January 1 this year – will retain their rates at RM1.30 for Class 1, RM2.60 for Class 2, RM3.90 for Class 3, 70 sen for Class 4 and RM1.30 for Class 5.