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After Maju Expressway, SMART Tunnel, DUKE Highway, Karak Expressway, LATAR Expressway, Kajang SILK Highway, Guthrie Corridor Expressway, Besraya Expressway and AKLEH Highway, it’s now the turn of the New Pantai Expressway (NPE) to raise toll rates, according to The Star. The highway connecting Bangsar to Sunway will now charge significantly more at two of its three toll plazas.

From October 15, 2015, the new toll rates are RM2.30 (up 70 sen) for Class 1 (passenger vehicles), RM4.60 (up RM1.40) for Class 2 (small lorries), RM6.90 (up RM2.10) for Class 3 (large lorries) and RM1.20 (up 40 sen) for Class 4 (taxis); Class 5 vehicles (buses) remain charged at RM1.60. These are applied at both the PJS 5 toll plaza near Sunway, as well as the Pantai Dalam toll plaza heading towards Bangsar.

The PJS 2 toll plaza that connects Jalan Klang Lama to Sunway and Federal Highway retains its current toll rates at RM1.00 for Class 1, RM3.20 for Class 2, RM4.80 for Class 3, RM0.80 for Class 4 and RM1.60 for Class 5.