Let the onslaught continue, then – The Star has reported that toll rates for two plazas on the Besraya Expressway will be subjected to an increase on October 15. Come this Thursday, Class 1 motorists will be required to pay RM2 at the two Mines toll plaza – UPM-bound (South) and Kuala Lumpur-bound (North).

This would mark an increase of RM.70 over the current rate imposed on Class 1 motorists at both toll plazas. Fortunately, the toll rate at the Loke Yew plaza remains at RM2 for Class 1 motorists – no change in rate regarding said plaza has been announced yet.

Also for both Mines toll plazas, Class 2 and Class 3 motorists will be required to pay RM4 while taxis will be asked to fork out RM2. Buses, on the other hand, will have to cough up RM1.30. In comparison, taxis only needed to pay RM1.30 prior to the hike while buses were required to pay RM0.70.

Separately, hikes across toll plazas on various highways have also been announced recently with changes set to be implemented on October 15, as well. The highways involved are the Guthrie Corridor Expressway, Kajang SILK Highway, LATAR Expressway, Karak Expressway, DUKE Highway and SMART tunnel.