Beginning October 15, motorists using the Karak Expressway (Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway) will have to fork out that little bit more as it has been confirmed that toll rates along said highway will be increased. The Star reports that from the above mentioned date, Class 1 motorists will have to pay RM6 at the Gombak toll plaza and RM3.50 at the Bentong plaza – an increase of RM1 and RM0.50, respectively.

Class 2 motorists will have to pay RM12 at the Gombak plaza and RM7 at the Bentong plaza while Class 3 motorists will have to cough up RM18 and RM10.50, respectively. Taxis, on the other hand, will have to pay RM3 and RM1.80 at the Gombak and Bentong plazas – buses will be required to pay RM5 and RM3 at the respective toll plazas.

Separately, toll hikes for the SMART tunnel, DUKE and MEX highways have also been announced. Like the hike stated in this report, the increase for all the above mentioned highways will be come into effect on October 15, as well.