Here’s one for the folks down south. Senai-Desaru Expressway will join the Klang Valley highways by increasing toll fares from this Thursday (October 15) at its four toll plazas – Senai, Ulu Tiram, Cahaya Baru and Penawar.

The increase for Class 1 passenger vehicles is from 80 sen to RM2.30, Class 2 (lorries below one tonne) RM1.20 to RM3.50, Class 3 (big lorries and trailers) RM1.50 to RM4.70 and Class 4 (taxis) 40 sen to RM1.20. No change for buses.

SDE management explained that cars exiting the E22 at Senai will be charged RM4.50 if they entered from Ulu Tiram, RM9.20 from Cahaya Baru and RM13.50 from Penawar. The old prices were RM3.70, RM7.60 and RM11.20.

For those exiting at Ulu Tiram, it’s RM4.50 from Senai, RM5.60 from Cahaya Baru and RM9.90 from Penawar. For the Cahaya Baru toll, it’s RM9.20 from Senai, RM5.60 from Ulu Tiram and RM7.20 from Penawar. Lastly, those exiting at Penawar will have to pay RM13.50 if coming from Senai, RM9.90 from Ulu Tiram and RM7.20 from Cahaya Baru.