BMW Grand X1

In the middle of June this year, BMW unveiled the second-generation X1 (F48) that became the first SUV from the German carmaker to adopt the UKL1 front-wheel drive platform and have its engine mounted in a transverse position as well.

The UKL1 platform also underpins the 2 Series Active Tourer a five-seater MPV, and the larger 2 Series Gran Tourer, which has an increased wheelbase of 110 mm from the Active to accommodate an extra row of seats, making it a seven-seater.

With the all-new BMW X1 being a five-seater model for now, it certainly isn’t far-fetched to anticipate a larger seven-seater variant to be spawned, possibly dubbed the ‘Grand X1’. These spyshots pretty much confirms the existence of such a model and judging by the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” stickers pasted on it, it could have a hybrid version as well.

BMW Grand X1

Although partially camouflaged, we see many elements of the F48 BMW X1 in the test mule’s design save for the covered area between the C and D pillars which should be hiding the third row seating. It’s hard to tell the exact dimensions of the seven-seater X1 based on these photos but expect a stretched wheelbase and a longer body to fit the extra seats.

Currently, the X1 measures 4,439 mm in length. Other minor details where the Grand X1 test mule differs from the X1 include the omission of the front fog lamps and an expanded lower grille.

Would a seven-seater BMW X1 be a tempting prospect or would you rather have the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer instead?