Audi certainly are quite clever when it comes to marketing their vehicles in various campaigns, and here is another to add to their roster. This time, it takes place in the city of Brussels, Belgium, and it highlights Ingolstadt’s Matrix LED lighting system that is found as an option on the all-new Audi A4 (B9).

The marketing stunt involves a giant billboard featuring the Audi A4’s front with the adaptive Matrix LED headlights “installed” in them. The system detects pedestrians and cyclists within a certain area nearby and shines a light on them, even so far as to tracking them as they cross the road, emphasising the adaptive capabilities of the system.

On the Audi A4, the Matrix LED headlights is comprised of 11 diodes and a cluster of 12 LEDs that operate in tandem with three reflectors and a real-time camera mounted near the rear-view mirror. The active lighting system is capable of alternating between 64 possible stages depending on the environment and can even work with the MMI Navigation plus system to identify and light up a corner even before the driver turns the steering wheel. The system also improves safety by lighting up pedestrians to alert drivers to their presence.

In Malaysia, the Matrix LED lighting system is part of the standard equipment list for the Audi A8 L, whereas it is available as a cost option on the Audi A6 and Audi TT, both of which were recently launched.