No, this has nothing to do with Star Wars, if that’s what you’re asking. Instead, it’s an official introduction of the Mercedes-AMG brand itself. We suspect that Affalterbach wants to separate itself from the premium Mercedes-Benz image that the latter carries.

“Welcome to a place that’s different, different from anywhere else,” the narrator says. “It marks the end of what can be explained with physics,” that scruffy voice goes on to say. The video stars the Mercedes-AMG GT S, followed by an A 45 AMG, a C 63 S and of course the AMG GT3 racer. There’s also a snippet of the E 63 S too, if you look closely.

Delve into its website and you’ll be greeted by the campaign tagline – “AMG. Driven by the inner force.” Divided into three primary sections, the campaign does a good job in being a little more playful. In the first part, it explains how the brand strives to “defy physics,” while still politely apologising to Mr. Newton (Isaac Newton).

The second part, it seems quite interesting that the brand doesn’t use data, calculations and all that nitty gritty stuff to attain their goal but instead, it uses goosebumps. Perhaps that’s what it means by “the end of what can be explained with physics.” In the final part, it sums up how an AMG racer is made – the need for an inner force that never once settles for anything.