On top of the planned protest come November 18, a group of taxi drivers intend to unite under a single union before the demonstration takes place. The strike is to address other issues that taxi drivers are facing, with ride-sharing apps among the few, The Star reports.

To be headed by the Klang Valley Taxi Drivers Action Committee, R. Kengadharan, a lawyer speaking on behalf of the taxi drivers said, “we are targeting to file the suit by the end of November.” The class action suit will be against the government and the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD). Expected to enlist some 3,500 complainants, the suit is said to address a spate of issues that taxi drivers needed to contend with.

Some of the issues spelled out include rentals that were imposed on driver permits, having too many taxi operators around, in which the lawyer is calling for SPAD to halt the issuance of bulk permits, and for a “restraining order” to be issued by the government on Uber and GrabCar, so as to stop both from operating.

Taxi Drivers Protest Against GrabCar 2

Kengadharan claims that the government has not paying attention to drivers problems, in that it was not addressed seriously. If the registration of a national union goes through, the lawyer stated that it would become a union-based suit. “This action (union) is necessary because there are many issues which have been pending for the last 10 years and continue to be unresolved,” he said.

One taxi driver who was not affected by Uber and GrabCar has expressed his thoughts on some of these other issues. The limelight however has been mostly centred on ridesharing apps, with a series of events including, calling on PM, Datuk Seri Najib Razak himself to ban such apps, to ambushing of a GrabCar driver, to rogue arrests of both Uber and GrabCar drivers around KLCC.