A video of a recent road road incident involving a steering lock (yes, a new one) is currently going viral on social media platforms. The clip shows a woman hitting the man’s Toyota Camry repeatedly, apparently over a parking dispute in SS15, Subang Jaya.

It’s not as simple an incident as it may first appear, however. Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Yahaya Ramli told The Star that it all started over a parking dispute last Wednesday.

It’s said that the Camry driver parked at a lot along Jalan SS15/5A that was reserved by the woman. With the Camry parked there, “she ended up parking her Volvo in front of the Toyota and went about her business,” Yahaya said.

The Volvo was still blocking the Camry when the man returned two hours later. Apparently, he then started blaring his car’s horn, calling for the woman to move her vehicle.

“An argument ensued after the man allegedly hurled profanities at her and shoved her elderly father,” Yahaya told the newspaper.

She then called the police for help, “but the man allegedly drove his car into hers several more times, causing damage to the right side passenger door. She then took out a steering lock and began hitting his car,” Yahaya explained.

“The woman confessed to hitting the man’s car with the steering lock, while the guy admitted that he drove his vehicle into hers,” Yahaya concluded, adding that MPSJ had issued a summons to the man. The case is being investigated under criminal intimidation and committing mischief.