Say what you want about autonomous driving and how it potentially dismantles the dreams of every enthused driver in the world, but here is Hyundai giving us another reminder as to why the technology is all for the greater good of mankind.

Set aside the basic idea that driverless cars simply free up more time for us to spend away from the steering wheel, and spare a thought for those who have never before had the privilege of independent mobility with a vehicle to call their own, by simply being unable to tell where the road ends and sidewalks begin.

Thoughts such as the blind finally being able to manoeuvre a car safely all on their own warms the heart, and makes you reconsider the true possibilities created when car makers such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Nissan and more continue to nurture the future of autonomous vehicles.

We won’t spoil the video’s heartwarming end for you, but we’re certain you will be able to tell what Hyundai’s noble intentions are for its future driver assistance systems. Do keep in mind that the video is solely available in Korean, but we’re sure it makes little difference to the delivery of the car maker’s message.