TomTom Bridge for Taxi

TomTom has announced that it has signed a deal with ridesharing app Uber. The agreement details that the multi-year deal will see the company supply Uber with maps and traffic data for the Uber driver app.

It will be available to Uber drivers in over 300 cities worldwide. According to a Reuters report, Uber chose to go with TomTom as it wanted “total control” over its own products. “What Uber gets from us is total control of their application,” said TomTom CEO, Harold Goddjin.

He added that the deal will not require Uber to share “sensitive information with other companies,” an item in which the ridesharing app was particular about. Goddjin noted that unlike competitors, TomTom provides both technology, raw data and databases to run the navigation tech.

Competitors of TomTom include Google Maps and HERE, a former subsidiary of Nokia Corporation. The latter was purchased by a consortium comprising of German automakers Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz for 2.8 billion euros (now RM 13.1 billion) back in August, this year.

Goddijn asserts that the ownership of HERE by the consortium has made other automakers uneasy or in his own words, given them an “uncomfortable feeling.” He further added, “I think on that sentiment, it is easier for us to get in front of other carmakers and discuss business.” Goddjin believes that this will lead to more “wins” for TomTom over time.