Inferno Exotic Car-01

Many startups are jumping on the supercar/hypercar bandwagon. Inferno, as this one is called is the latest by a company from Mexico and will be produced in Italy. Of course the first thing that’s noticeable is that bizarre look! A glance at the company’s website hints that the Inferno is filled with “luxury and detail.”

It further states that the hypercar is “formed by entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers as well as national and international brands (from) Mexico, Italy, United States.” Antonio Ferraioli, automotive engineer who has collaborated with Lamborghini and currently employed at Lotus, is also participating in this hypercar project.

Interestingly, the company says that it employs a “metal foam” which comprises of zinc, aluminium and silver. It’s claimed to be be able to decrease and absorb impact in a car crash; furthermore, the company says the material’s strength is “compared with that of a commercial armoured vehicle, but with a big weight difference.”

In addition to that, the metal can be stretched to “100 times of its original length without affecting its properties.” The company asserts that the material is ideal for a hypercar, claiming that because it’s lighter, it helps improve performance (the text actually said “increase hp,” which must be a case of being lost in translation), reduce fuel consumption, provide better driving response and improve security of the driver.

Beneath it is an unknown twin-turbo V8 engine, which will give the Inferno a total of 1,400 hp and 670 Nm of torque. The hypercar will have a top-speed of 395 km/h and from 0-100 km/h, the Inferno is claimed to achieve this in less than three seconds. Other specifications notes that it has an aerodynamic efficiency ratio of 1.4 and lateral acceleration of over 1.33 g.

So guys, what do you think of the Inferno’s wild looks, is it a little too “hot” to handle?