If you’re a rim guy (those with tyres), then you’ll probably know Rays. In its new company promo video, Rays goes to great lengths to explain its dedication and commitment to not just the forged wheels that it produces, but to motorsports in which it is also a part of. It describes itself as a company with “racing spirit.”

“For Rays, World Endurance Championship (WEC) is not only a dream for us, it is our battlefield and we intend to win. Being involved in WEC has given us the opportunity to demonstrate our belief that “the best in Japan is the best in the world,” the company states in the clip.

Rays notes that it holds a significant share in the Japanese forged wheel market. The company then gets down to business by explaining how it creates each and everyone of its wheels, in-house. To elaborate, the company uses mold-form forging technology. It then goes on to highlight its craftsmanship and a process called “cast flow forming.”

The company further highlights “analytical technology” as a crucial element to craft wheels that can perform. “We improve our wheels by utilising this precious data gathered from the front lines of road and race,” the company notes.

Interestingly, Rays also states that as most of its rims are used in motorsports, it will have to meet extra rigorous in-house JWL+R (Spec 1 and Spec 2) standards. Here, it is put through a radial stress test, rotary benching fatigue test, 13 degree and 90 degree impact tests, post-modification drum test, FEM rigidity analysis and coating performance tests.