Drive otak udang. Lawan arus. TOll setia alam

Posted by Adha Coway on Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bizarre things happen all the time, apparently. Here’s a new video being shared on social media platforms showing a Toyota Corolla Altis driving against traffic flow on a Malaysian highway. Posted today, it’s said to have happened near the Setia Alam toll plaza.

As oncoming cars tried to avoid the errant Altis, one Toyota Estima on the overtaking lane lost control of the vehicle, skidding off the road. While we sure hope that no one was injured in this incident, it has to be said that this video can serve as yet another proof of how important electronic stability control system is in emergency manoeuvres like this.

Funnily enough, this is not the first (Perodua Viva) or even the second time (Myvi) we’ve seen this type of lunacy on Malaysian roads. Yet again, the why and what behind this incident is totally beyond us. Did the driver miss an exit, or is it just a silly daredevil move?