Having seen the handsome S90 already, here is the coming Volvo V90 making a bit of an unexpected appearance ahead of its official debut. Unmasked by Swedish website, Teknikens Varld, here are a few revealing snaps of the new estate.

For the most part, the V90 is remarkably similar to the scale model that was revealed earlier. A lot of the car’s design also largely resembles what we’ve already seen on the Volvo S90 sedan, featuring the “Thor” headlamps, vertical grille design, long bonnet, and the same multi-spoke wheels.

The rear end of the car is a key highlight of these images. The new tail lights are a conversation starter for sure, styled similarly to the existing XC60, only slimmer and featuring an additional horizontal bit that leads towards the centre of the tail gate.

The sloping rear glass looks like it limits the V90’s cargo space, but the Swedish publication responsible for these photos say that the estate model is expected to offer more luggage room than the Volvo V70’s current 575 litres.


With just one photo of the rear seats to show you, there’s a very limited view of the car’s cabin. We do, however, expect a carbon copy of the S90’s interior to be featured in this car.

Where engines are concerned, the V90 will most likely offer a similar powertrain line-up to the S90 sedan. A pair of diesel D4 and D5 engines should offer 190 hp and 235 hp respectively, with a T6 petrol engine offering 320 hp itself. At the top of the range, a T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid variant is expected, delivering 407 hp and 640 Nm of torque.

For now, this is about all we can tell you about the coming Volvo V90. The estate model appears set for a global debut at the coming Geneva Motor Show in March, so stay tuned for more.