Renault Clio IV RS 9

Following Volkswagen’s dieselgate scandal, an independent technical commission was created by the French Government, the purpose of which was to verify whether French car manufacturers had not installed equivalent devices in their vehicles.

Testing on around 100 vehicles in circulation are underway, carried out by the UTAC (French Homologation Authority, mandated by the Ministry), and the list includes 25 Renault vehicles. It was revealed that at the end of December last year, 11 vehicles had already been tested, including four Renault vehicles, enabling the French public authorities to initiate productive discussions with Renault’s engineering team.

The French Agency for Energy and Climate (DGEC), which is the main contact for the independent technical commission, already considers that the on-going procedure will not reveal the presence of a defeat device on Renault’s vehicles, the automaker said through a statement.

It however added that the French General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) decided to carry out additional on-site and material investigations in order to definitively confirm the first findings resulting from the analysis of the independent technical commission.

The DGCCRF has visited Renault’s headquarters, the Renault Technical Centre in Lardy and the Technocentre in Guyancourt, and Renault says its teams are fully cooperating with the independent technical commission and the additional investigations decided by the Ministry of Economy.