Extended vehicle warranty providers, Opal Auto Mart and EWP Services have announced a Memorandum of Understanding to merge companies. The venture will see the formation of a new organisation, known as Opal Warranty, which will serve as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the One Auto Group.

Prior to this engagement, Opal Auto Mart has been a provider of vehicle extended warranty and after-sales services since 2011. The company offers vehicle warranties for used, reconditioned and where required, new vehicles.

Likewise, EWP Services has offered a similar service to its customers, but arrived to the market in 2013. The impending merger, which is set to be finalised before the end of January 2016, will see both companies operate under one roof, with a total of 200 workshops nationwide under its belt.

“We don’t just pay lip service when we offer our warranties. Opal Warranty is a legitimate enterprise aimed at giving owners of older and reconditioned vehicles that all-important safety net which covers major repair bills,” said David Lee, the newly-appointed CEO of Opal Warranty.

Opal Warranty mobile app.

Those interested in Opal Warranty’s services may soon be able to visit the company’s new website, which is under construction at the moment. The company also highlighted that in the future, everyone, including non-Opal Warranty customers, may use the online site to book a vehicle service at any of the 200 panel workshops listed.

A new mobile app has also been developed in conjunction with the merger. Called Opal SOS, the app – which serves a similar but more mobile-friendly function as the coming website – is already available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for free.

Lee also highlighted that the impending merger will not affect its existing customers. “There will not be any changes. The only change, for sure, is that our programmes will be realigned (under the new company). It will be much better as we move forward this year. We will, together with our partners, aim to fill every gap in the market (with Opal’s services).”

“The merging of Opal and EWP under the One Auto Group, will, by default, make us the largest extended warranty providers and administrators in the country. By nature of workshops, programmes that we offer and by services, we are the largest,” Lee concluded.