2016 Honda Mobilio Indonesia 14

PT Honda Prospect Motor, the Indonesian subsidiary of Honda, has launched the 2016 Honda Mobilio facelift that introduces a series of updates to the seven-seater MPV, although the majority of it is seen within the cabin as you’ll soon find out.

The Mobilio is available in six variants – S, E, E CVT, E Prestige, RS CVT and RS – all of which are powered by the same 1.5 litre SOHC i-VTEC engine, which offers 118 PS and 144 Nm of torque. A five-speed manual transmission is reserved for the Mobilio S, E and RS, while a CVT finds its way into the E CVT, Prestige and RS CVT.

As you can (or cannot) tell, the most noticeable exterior changes on the Mobilio are the new-design 15-inch alloy wheels for the non-RS variants. Beyond that however, everything remains unchanged. As before, the RS versions of the Mobilio benefit from a more aggressive body kit and projector headlights to differentiate themselves from the standard car (reflector headlights).

2016 Honda Mobilio Indonesia 2

Inside, the changes are more obvious, with a dashboard layout that appears to be lifted straight from the Honda BR-V. The Mobilio also appears to sport the City’s rectangular air-con vents that sit just above the 6.1-inch touchscreen multimedia unit (lower variants get a single or double DIN radio unit instead).

The Mobilio’s previous three-dial air-con controls have also been replaced with a touch panel (with automatic operation), which allows Honda to offer more storage space where they used to be. Elsewhere, the instrument cluster ditches the three-pod setting from before. In its place is a simple instrument layout with blue highlights and white font. However, the steering wheel appears to be the carried over from the previous Mobilio.

As for its safety suite, front ventilated brake discs and rear drums are fitted on all Mobilio variants, with the inclusion of dual front SRS airbags as well. However, the S and E variants will not come with ABS and EBD. Additionally, although the S variant comes with an immobiliser like the rest, it doesn’t come with an alarm system either.

2016 Honda Mobilio Indonesia 8

Prices for the 2016 Honda Mobilio start at 180,500,000 rupiah (RM56,804) for the S, 201,000,000 rupiah (RM63,254) for the E, 212,000,000 rupiah (RM66,722) for the E CVT, 221,500,000 rupiah (RM69,705) for the E Prestige, 224,000,000 rupiah (RM70,492) for the RS and 234,500,000 rupiah (RM73,800) for the RS CVT.

Unfortunately, the Honda Mobilio is more commonly sold in countries like Thailand and Indonesia, having never made its way to Malaysia. However, if the Mobilio has piqued your interest, then may we point you in the direction of the seven-seat Honda BR-V, which is rumoured to be launched in Malaysia soon.