Sarawak Road Traffic -01

Handwritten summonses may soon be a thing of the past, as Bukit Aman’s traffic division is set to introduce a mobile card acceptance device (MCAD), The Star reports. Said device will utilise the driver’s MyKad and will be linked directly to an online databank.

“The device will read an errant motorist’s MyKad and traffic police personnel will input the type of offence and print out the summons and send the data to an online databank,” federal traffic police chief SAC Mahamad Akhir Darus said.

Bukit Aman will also be looking to obtain and employ more MCADs with printing features on the road. “We currently have about 600 devices that can only scan the MyKad but we are acquiring 3,700 new units which will be capable of printing out summonses,” SAC Mahamad disclosed.

On another note, the Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras will go live by June this year, SAC Mahamad said. It will work with the new standardised license plates – to be implemented by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) soon – to capture errant motorists or uncover stolen vehicles.