The Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system will now roll out in June this year, The Star reports. According to federal traffic police chief SAC Mahamad Akhir Darus, all 20 ANPR units will be fully utilised and will be able to work with the new standardised license plate system.

The cameras, which will be mounted onto the dashboard of police patrol cars, will be linked directly to Bukit Aman’s database. It will detect and flag passing cars with registration numbers linked to outstanding summons in the said database. The system will work more effectively once the standardised license plates are implemented by the Road Transport Department (JPJ), he noted.

It was said previously, that the police is looking to make a bigger dent against “hardcore traffic offenders” via the ANPR system. “Similarly, if a car has been reported to be involved in a crime or has been stolen and the number plate is detected by the device, it will automatically alert our police personnel to take action,” Mahamad said.

In 2015, over 6.55 million summonses were issued. Out of that number, 3.93 million were issued to speeding motorists. “We also have 419,406 outstanding arrest warrants which have not been served,” Mahamad noted. He also mentioned that Ops Warta is ongoing, advising motorists with outstanding warrants of arrests and summonses to settle it, before they get pulled over.

The 20 ANPR units use technology from the USA and are worth RM30 million in total. In an ANPR sting carried out in Johor Bahru in June last year, a total of 4,200 outstanding speeding summonses were collected from Singaporean motorists. The majority of offences were reportedly related to speeding.