Today’s briefing on the overall vehicle sales data for 2015 by the Malaysia Automotive Association (MAA) also saw ASEAN total industry volume (TIV) figures being revealed, though the numbers for sales and production for the region for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles is not that for a complete year, running up to November 2015.

Still, the stats are telling – the largest markets across the region saw a drop in sales volume last year compared to the corresponding period (11 months) in 2014. The Philippines and Singapore were gainers, registering a 23% and 63% increase in sales from January to November 2015. Vietnam saw significant growth, with the 185,492 units sold up to November representing a 58% hike from 2014 (117,175 units).

Meanwhile, the major players saw a contraction in vehicle sales – Indonesia, the largest ASEAN market, was forecast to reach 1.1 million units sold in 2015, and despite December’s figures not being accounted for in the released stats, the overall number looks to have fallen short. In any case, up to November, total sales in the republic was 940,072 units, a drop of 17% from that for the same period in 2014 (1.129 million units).

Thailand’s market also dipped – the TIV up to November for the second largest market in the region was 698,168, which was 12% less than the 792,328 units shifted in 2014.


Malaysia, meanwhile, performed close to projection, with a late surge in December making for the best ever TIV achieved in Malaysian history, as reported earlier – the chart you see here shows 597,273 unit sold up to November, which was one percent less than the 601,827 units moved in 2014. With December’s figures included, this added up to 666,674 units sold in 2015, or 0.03% higher than 2014’s 666,487 units, making it a record year.

Production-wise, Indonesia’s build rate slowed last year – 1,028 million vehicles were assembled in 2015 up to November, down 15% compared to the corresponding period in 2014 (1.21 million). Thailand saw a marginal increase in production numbers, the 1.76 million units produced in 2015 shading 2014’s numbers (1.72 million units) by two percent.

As for Malaysia, total production from January to November 2015 was 569,374 units, an increase of four percent over 2014’s 545,352 units.