Being chauffeured around a track is a pretty special experience on its own. It gets even better when the car you are seated in is the new Honda Civic Type R, and the person accompanying you is among the world’s best on two or four wheels.

That’s exactly what a selected group of Spanish media experienced at the Castelloli circuit near Barcelona, when Honda organised a track day to promote the hot hatch. To make the event extra special, they’ve even invited Repsol Honda MotoGP riders Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa, Repsol Honda trials legend Toni Bou and Castrol Honda WTCC driver Tiago Monteiro.

With these experts at the wheel, the participants were treated to a “hot lap” of the circuit, where they would be able to feel the grunt of the Civic Type R’s 2.0 litre direct-injection DOHC VTEC Turbo engine (310 PS/400 Nm). Additionally, the agility of the Civic Type R was demonstrated in a practical manner as well, as evident by the readings obtained on the G-meter.

Shortly after the quartet of professional racing drivers/riders did their stints, the guests were then allowed to sample the cars on their own, tapping into the various performance capabilities, systems and modes available with the Civic Type R, including its “+R” button that provides a dynamic track-driving experience.

By the end of the event, Marquez, Pedrosa, Bou and Monteiro were given the keys to their own Civic Type Rs, undoubtedly a company car for use throughout 2016. Lucky guys indeed.

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