CFE Engine

During a recent interview with Abdul Rashid Musa, the Proton chief technology officer also touched on a recent issue relating to the automaker’s CFE engine, which is used in models like the Proton Exora, Preve and Suprima S.

A number of Proton owners reported on social media not too long ago regarding an issue with the engine’s oil cooler hose, which broke prematurely.

He said, “oil cooler hoses are subject to high temperature and humidity, but sometimes the failure is not because of the cycle (mileage). For rubber materials, it’s normally because of time and life. Like tyres, even though the threads is still present, after two years, cracks may appear on the tyre surface because the rubber has degraded.”


“In our service manual – I believe other OEMs also mention – rubber parts are not subject to cycle (wear) only. Normally we do our testing of 100,000 km cycles, and subject the part to a certain number of cycles. Rubber parts are definitely not just affected by cycle, but by time (as well),” Rashid said.

“Proton is addressing the issue. Consumers are advised not to change or modify the component on their own. Please come back to us, get original parts from us. Custom jobs can void the car’s warranty,” he added. The custom job referred to in this case is the use of braided metal hoses to replace the original rubber items on the oil cooler unit.

On its official Facebook page, Proton has officially acknowledged the issue, and said that it’s currently working on a fix. Stay tuned to for updates on this matter.

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