Punish the errant, but reward the considerate and careful – the Transport Ministry says it is taking into consideration proposals by the public to award incentives to law-abiding road users, The Star reports.

Transport minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said that the suggestion to reward those who obey the law came from public feedback on the Kejara demerit points system and the Automated Enforcement System. “This is to recognise the good drivers and those who obey the law rather than only penalising the offenders,” he told reporters.

Among the suggestions, he said, were for an upgrade of driving licences if motorists were free of traffic offences or accidents, the level depending on the number of years that the motorist is free of such offences. “With the licence upgrades, one can get a better premium for their insurance,” he explained.

Earlier in the week, the government announced that the Kejara demerit points system will be implemented as soon as possible. Confirming the move, Liow said that Kejara was being put in place because it would make motorists obey the rules and traffic procedures. He said there was no easy way out when it came to road safety. “We need to have discipline and we need to obey the traffic rules,” he stated.

Liow added that a Cabinet committee – led by DPM Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi – will be set up to look into an integrated plan on how road accidents can be reduced. “I’m confident that this will help reduce the number of road accident deaths by 10% this year,” Liow said.

He added that he was targeting to lower the figure by 10% annually. Last year, 6,706 lives were lost through road accidents, while 6,674 fatalities were recorded in 2014.

What do you think of the proposals to reward careful and law-abiding motorists, and what kind of incentives should be given? Share your thoughts about the matter below.