Techrules AT96 TREV supercar concept-01

Techrules AT96 TREV Concept

A new automotive research and development company based in Beijing, China called Techrules is exhibiting its hybrid supercars in Geneva. The two-seater, all-wheel drive concepts come in two designs – AT96 and GT96 – both of which come in two different forms of the company’s “turbine-recharging electric vehicle” (TREV) hybrid powertrain systems.

Both concepts are two-door coupes with a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis and a lightweight carbon-fibre body. In addition to that, they feature dihedral doors along with lightweight 20-inch wheels, with a high-performance braking system.

The AT96 (the letters “AT” stands for aviation turbine), is configured to run on liquid fuel such as aviation kerosene, diesel and petrol. It’s a track-focused supercar, with a large rear wing for better downforce. As for the GT96 (gas turbine), it runs of biogas and natural gas and it’s styled as a road-going hypercar.

There are six electric traction motors on-board: one each for the front wheels, and four at the rear (two at each wheel). Techrules claims that the combined power of the motors is 1,030 hp and maximum torque at the wheels exceeds 8,600 Nm. The company says that the concepts will propel from 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and have a top speed of 350 km/h.

Techrules GT96 TREV supercar concept-01

Techrules GT96 TREV Concept

As for the TREV system, it essentially translates to a range-extender system, which incorporates aviation and electric vehicle technologies. Utilising a micro turbine generator that charges the battery, this in turn provides electricity to drive the traction motors. According to the company, there is no direct electrical feed from the generator to the electric motors.

“Air drawn into the micro turbine is passed through a heat exchanger where heat from the exhaust air is transferred to the cold intake air after it has been compressed. Ignition of the compressed and heated fuel-air mixture generates enormous energy which is channelled to at very high speeds to turn the turbine vanes. As this hot exhaust gas is expelled, it passes through the heat exchanger to ensure the heat energy is recuperated and transferred to cold intake air,” Techrules explains.

Batteries are 20 kWh, cylindrical, 18,650 lithium-manganese-oxide cells. Similarly, with the TREV system, Techrules says that the car can be charged when charging points are unavailable, therefore eliminating range anxiety. On that note, the concepts claim to have a travel range of over 2,000 km and fuel consumption figures projected at 0.18 litres per 100 km.

Meanwhile, the company says that it will launch the supercars in low volumes. This will be followed by its ambition to penetrate into B- and C-segment cars and high volume city cars as its main focus later.