Ford Autonomous vehicle entertainment system patent-01

Ford has recently filed a patent for an “Autonomous Vehicle Entertainment System” in the US. Found in the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s database, the patent highlights a retractable projector screen that covers the entire windscreen. This feature, of course, will be applicable to its autonomous vehicles only and to add to that, it may not actually see the light of day.

In the background portion of the patent, it notes that as a vehicle operates in autonomous mode, it will “relieve occupants, especially the driver, from some driving-related responsibilities.” It then goes on to explain that this will give the driver the opportunity to do other things while travelling, which includes watching a movie or other media content.

It comprises of two (or more) media displays and two controllers – an autonomous mode controller and an entertainment system controller. When operating in autonomous mode (selected via the controller), the entertainment system will present media content on a first display. In non-autonomous mode, the media will then be transferred to a second display.

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For the first and main display, the patent reveals that there’s a projector mounted to the ceiling of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the image will be projected to a screen that “may be located near the front of the vehicle, such as the windshield.” Said screen will retract from the ceiling, when the vehicle is in autonomous mode.

When in manual-driving mode, said screen will retract into the ceiling. The visuals will then be transferred over to a secondary display. The secondary display device, according to the patent, can include the screen in the dashboard, instrument cluster or the rear view mirror.

So guys, what do you think of this “in-car entertainment” for an autonomous vehicle? Share with us your thoughts, below.