It has been approximately five months since Waze 4.0 was made available for iOS devices. Now, the update has finally arrived for Android users and is available on the Google Play Store. The cleaner and simpler design is but one of the notable features (as iOS users would already be very familiar with).

Other features that Android users can now find on Waze 4.0 include the one-tap navigation menu on the left, and a button on the right, for access to contacts. At the lower centre portion, one can view alternative routes, add a stop or let others know your ETA.

Back to the design, according to Waze, the best feedback that it has received from users is the reporting menu – accessible via the orange button at the bottom right corner. It’s now faster and with colour-coded categories, while quick report action can also be performed by holding down on the button.

Apart from that, Waze 4.0 allows for smart reminders for better punctuality. Upon syncing one’s calendar with Waze, the app will cleverly tell you when to start travelling to your desired destination/meeting, depending on traffic conditions. Meanwhile, version 4.0 is also claimed to be more efficient for your device’s batteries.