We’ve showed you in high-res detail, the new 2016 Honda Civic in and out. But besides the base 1.8 E, 1.8 EL and range topping Turbo RS variant, Honda Thailand also brought a tenth-gen Civic sedan fully kitted out with Modulo accessories to the 2016 Bangkok Motor Show.

Honda’s Modulo treatment includes add-on bits to the sides of the front and rear bumpers for a chunkier look, side skirts to match (with Modulo emblems), and a rear spoiler, although the latter is not identical to the Turbo RS’ full-length wing. The Modulo kit also makes the single exhaust tip of this 1.8 EL visible; all trim levels have hidden pipes, including the RS.

Additional chrome bits can be found above the fog lamps, near the A pillars for a faux vent look, and on the wing mirrors. The most prominent add on are the black 17-inch wheels. No mistaking the kitted-up car for a standard Civic 1.8, that’s for sure. Inside, Modulo has stainless steel side steps with or without LED illumination, metal pedals and a gear knob available.

The things listed above are available in packs and a’la carte. Items such as front fog lamps and an auto dimming rear view mirror are also available for trim levels that don’t have them as standard. Full 2016 Civic report from Bangkok here.