proton r3 crp 015

Proton has announced that its Proton R3 division is now offering Customer Racing Programmes (CRP) for both racing and rallying to interested parties. Teams or individuals can now gain access to rent the outfit’s race-winning machinery for both racing disciplines.

The CRP is said to be extremely flexible, with programmes that can be tailored for one’s needs. Engagement can entail the leasing of engines as well as full-blown competition cars.

Aside from machinery, support drivers and even full support crews can also be provided, based on needs and budget. Benefits of the CRP route include logistical support, car set-up support and access to telemetry data as well as gaining the expertise of of race-experience personnel, be it engineers or technicians.

The outfit certainly has plenty of racing experience, its offerings having competed in the Sepang 1000KM Race, Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) and the Malaysian Rally Championship (MRC). Aside from the familiar Satria Neo R3 rally car, relatively recent creations include a couple of Malaysian Touring Car vehicles, which have been engaged in the MCS.

The R3 Suprima S MTC, unveiled in early 2014, is equipped with a re-engineered naturally-aspirated 1.6 litre Campro IAFM four-cylinder engine with 155 hp and 185 Nm for output numbers, and the mill is mated to a five-speed, close-ratio dog-engagement transmission. Other changes include the adoption of a unique lightweight body shell and a six-point roll cage.

There’s also the Iriz R3 MTC, which features a reworked 1.6 litre Campro CFE engine, sans the turbocharger. The 190 hp unit is paired with a five-speed dog box transmission. Other modifications include a competition-ready, spartan interior, a six-point roll cage, Sparco steering wheel, Tonnka pedal box, Recaro Pole Position race bucket seats and Alcon racing brake calipers as well as Ohlins adjustable coilovers.