This may look like an April fool’s joke, but it’s actually not, and it looks like a really good offering too. In a video, the German marque takes the liberty to introduce a sleek looking office chair that originates from the Porsche 911 and it’s called the “office chair RS.”

First off, it’s wrapped in a black Porsche Alcantara leather with an exclusive Porsche crest embossed to the headrest. Like your standard office chair, the one here too has a fully adjustable seat height and an electrically adjustable backrest. It’s powered by an integrated rechargeable battery.

For perfect positioning of the arms, the seat features 3D-adjustable armrests as well. Assuming that in most cases, 911 owners would likely be executives in suits, well, there’s a hook for jackets in the upper rear part of the seat. For “maximum traction,” it also comes with five castors – like most chairs.

The chair is available on Porsche Driver’s Selection – the brand’s line of lifestyle apparel and accessories. With that, it doesn’t come cheap as it’s priced at a cool USD$5,690 (RM22,210).

So guys, would you pay over RM20k to experience (sort of) a Porsche 911 from behind your office desk? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.