Nissan Serena spyshots-01

The next-generation Nissan Serena was spotted going on tests in Michigan, USA. It’s quite an unusual country for this test car to be in, as the Serena is not actually offered in the United States.

While it’s wrapped heavily in camouflage, the next-gen Serena doesn’t look as though its shape has been altered much. Retaining pretty much the existing silhouette overall, the most noticeable change would be the front headlamps, that now appear to be in a more conventional design.

To add to that, the bonnet seems to have a more consistent line that runs with the edges along the gaps. Although it’s still hard to tell, it seems that there’s now a two-slate grille on the Serena. As to whether Nissan’s V-motion grille will be applied to the MPV, remains to be seen.

Nissan Serena spyshots-05

From the side, the Serena seems to have kept most of its existiing character, save for a newly-designed side mirror and the sloping window at the D-pillar. The same goes for the rear-end, with the biggest feature here being the taillamps which seem to be of a proportionate shape this time and with a new cluster design.

As for power, it’s not known yet as to what the next-generation Nissan Serena will be getting or the type of transmission the engine will be paired with. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.