A rumour has emerged that BMW Motorrad might be coming out with a new cruiser to go up against the 2016 Ducati XDiavel. BMW Motorrad’s last foray into the cruiser market with the R1200C (pictured above, in mustard yellow) didn’t go so well, with its iteration of a large-displacement cruiser to go head-to-head with Harley-Davidson being both a commercial and critical failure.

This time around, though, according to asphaltandrubber, and based on a report in German magazine Motorrad, the new cruiser will be more of BMW’s version of a cruiser that ties back to BMW’s styling, and not simply playing up against what a cruiser is.

BMW Motorrad Concept 101 - 2

BMW Motorrad is, of course, in the enviable position of having three engine configurations to choose from, if it decides to go the big cruiser route. It can choose between its iconic boxer-twin, the inline-four from the ‘S’ series bikes, or the inline-six from the ‘K’. Alternatively, it has both mid-sized parallel-twins and big singles to select from, as well.

Previously shown in 2015 was the Concept 101, a bagger-styled cruiser following American motorcycle style trends. Based on the 1,649 cc K-series inline-six, the Concept 101 shows a very elongated and streamlined silhouette.

GALLERY: BMW Motorrad Concept 101