The 2016 Dainese Torque D1 Out Air race boot – retailing at RM1,599 – has made its appearance in the Malaysian Dainese D-Store. Designed for use on the racetrack and for fast road riding, this pair of sporty boots feature air vents that help keep the feet cool, while still providing protection to CE-Cat II – EN 13634/2010 standard.

External protection comes in the form of the D-Axial system that prevents ankle-twisting and provides shock absorption for the shin. Made from micro-fibre, the 2016 Dainese Torque D1 Out Air comes with two air-vents that channel air around the foot before exiting through a shin vent.

Air intake is assisted by the boots 57-degree angle that places the rider’s foot in the correct position for fast road and track riding. A speed-laced non-removable nylon inner bootie cradles the rider’s foot, and provides an extra layer of hard shell protection. A replaceable magnesium toe slider is part of the design, allowing for a shower of sparks as the rider goes for the ‘knee-down’.

The 2016 Torque D1 Out Air also weighs-in at 940 grammes, 40 less than the out-going Tri-Course race boot. There are two colour choices available in the Malaysian D-Store – black/anthracite and black/white/lava red. Dainese also makes a ladies version of the Torque D1 Out Air, as well as an ‘In’ version, where the boot goes inside the suit leg.