It was bound to happen. A high-revving naturally aspirated engine has no place in today’s world of cars, where efficiency and emissions rule the day. The Suzuki Swift Sport, which is now powered by a free breathing 1.6 litre engine, will swap the NA unit for a downsized turbo with the next-gen model, Autocar reports.

The current car is on its last legs now. The standard Swift hatchback is due to be replaced this year, and the motoring rag expects the next SSS to reach the UK by the end of 2017.

The report says that the next sporty Swift will be powered by a stronger version of the 1.4 litre Boosterjet engine that makes 140 PS and 220 Nm in the Vitara, which is usefully more than the 134 hp/160 Nm made by today’s M16A motor. The regular Swift will welcome the 1.0 litre three-cylinder turbo engine from the bigger Baleno.

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The UK mag tells us to expect a carry over of all the things we like about the SSS, including the “engaging handling, impressive body control, slick manual gearbox, subtle bodykit and low kerb weight.” The latter could even drop to less than 1,000 kg in the next-gen car, which is good news.

In March, digital renders of the next-gen Swift and Swift Sport were leaked. The images, which were said to have come from a dealer conference in France, shows a B-segment hatch that retains its now trademark shape and look, but with a new snout and fresh details such as the “floating roof” effect.

The new Swift dashboard is set to be simpler but sportier in design than today’s cabin. The use of round central AC vents is also a departure from the previous two generations. The Sport will get red trim on the dashboard and centre console.

While some might lament the impending retirement of the M16A NA motor, the new turbo engine would ensure that the Swift Sport becomes a slightly more serious challenger to junior hot hatches like the Ford Fiesta ST and Peugeot 208 GTI, in terms of pace. What say you?