Ever get annoyed by drivers hogging the emergency lane? According to the News Straits Times, the police warned against motorcyclists taking the law into their own hands by damaging those vehicles, as they could be charged under Section 427 of the Penal Code for committing mischief.

City traffic police chief Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mohd Nadzri Hussain told the English language daily that such an act is an offence, even if the motorcyclists’ intended to discourage other motorists from using the emergency lane.

He added that those who do would be committing a double offence, as they would also be occupying the emergency lane. “The emergency lane cannot be occupied even by motorcycles,” he said.

Nadzri was referring to a video showing a number of “vigilante” motorcyclists entering the emergency lane and kicking the side mirrors of vehicles in the emergency to teach the drivers a lesson. The Facebook viral video attracted mixed comments – with some praising the motorcyclists’ actions, while others were irked by the unlawful behaviour. It is unclear when and where the incident occurred, and who recorded the video.