Honda CR-Z Alpha Final Label-03

After six years in showrooms, the Honda CR-Z is making its final bow. Honda has released the CR-Z Alpha Final Label in Japan, and the edition’s name says it all – this is one final lap for the trailblazing sport hybrid that is often misunderstood.

Based on the 2015 facelift model and looking similar to the blue unit that was on display at Tokyo 2015 (but without the black roof and tailgate), the CR-Z Alpha Final Label appears to be the Alpha trim car, with a “Final Label” metal plaque bolted between the electronic parking brake and gear lever. “CR-Z Final Label” has also been embroidered into the seat backs. The blade-style 17-inch wheels was first seen on the 2015 facelift.

No change to the 1.5 litre i-VTEC and Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) combination, which produces a combined 136 PS and 190 Nm of torque (12 PS/16 Nm more than the original CR-Z). The electric motor is powered by a 144-volt, 18.8 kW lithium-ion battery. The CR-Z Final Label is priced at 2.8 million yen (RM106,196) in Japan.

Along with the Lexus CT200h, Toyota Prius/Prius c and Honda Insight, the Honda CR-Z was a beneficiary of the brief tax-free window opened by the Malaysian government for CBU hybrid cars. The carmakers enjoyed brisk sales, but the real winners were the buyers.

Owners of Honda Malaysia’s original CR-Z and the improved facelifted version got themselves a peppy and eager little machine (it’s not very fast) at close to “real world prices”. Unique styling that stayed true to the concept car and for manual owners, Honda’s unbeatable stick shift action, means that the CR-Z is hard to replace. Is this farewell for good, or farewell for now?

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