Uber France

Uber has been ordered to pay a fine of 800,000 euros (RM3,673,181) – half of it is a suspended sentence – for running an illegal taxi business in France. According to TechCrunch, the company was sanctioned by a French court for its UberPop service.

UberPop has been a highly controversial part of Uber in Europe, with many countries attempting to ban the service. It has been banned in Brussels, the Netherlands and France. With UberPop, anyone could become a driver without a special professional license.

Taxi drivers in France saw this as a sign of unfair competition, which resulted in numerous demonstrations being staged to combat the service. As UberPop was deemed illegal by law at the time, whenever an UberPop driver got fined, Uber would pay for the fine.


Additionally, Uber France CEO Thibaud Simphal and the firm’s general manager for Europe Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty also received fines of 30,000 euros (RM137,732) and 20,000 euros (RM91,825), respectively. Both were arrested and charged with running illegal taxi operations and concealing digital documents back in June 2015.

The ruling comes almost a year after Uber pulled the plug on UberPop in the country in July 2015. However, the company continues to operate there, where it has a workforce of over 12,000 professional drivers who offer chauffeured rides through the firm’s app.

In Malaysia, the Government is currently working on a new ‘e-hailing’ model to create a level playing fired for app-based, ride-sharing services like Uber and Grab to co-exist with conventional taxi services in the country. Much like in France, taxi drivers also held demonstrations at various parts of Kuala Lumpur to protest against these ride-sharing services.