The recent announcement of the new ‘F’ and ‘V’ car number plate sequence for the Federal Territory (Wilayah Persekutuan) and Putrajaya has seen a record-breaking bidding frenzy from punters wanting to own some of the unique alphanumeric combinations.

From a report in The Sun Daily, a local celebrity from Ipoh bid close to RM5 million for the ‘F 1’ number plate after bid submissions were closed after the noon deadline at the JPJ headquarters in Putrajaya. According to sources, the number sequence ‘F 1’ to ‘F 7’ drew minimum starting bids of half-a-million ringgit each.

Considered auspicious by the Chinese community, the number ‘F 8’ reportedly attracted a starting bid of RM1 million, while the numbers ‘F 333’ and ‘F 888’ drew bids of RM330,000 and RM360,000 respectively. The names of the successful bidders will be announced on June 30 after convening of a JPJ special committee.

The highest price ever paid for a regular Malaysian number plate was RM748,000 for ‘W 1 N’ by Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor, who also paid RM520,000 for ‘WWW 1’ in 2012. The buyer of the special ‘PATRIOT 1’ plate paid a reported RM1,308,000 for the honour.