Police have denied reports of a mass attack on an Uber car at KL Sentral, where over 50 angry cabbies pulled out a tourist before damaging the Uber car.

Commenting on a police report lodged by the 43-year old Iranian woman who suffered slight injuries to her hand, KL police CID chief SAC Rusdi Mohd Isa told The Sun that the foreigner was a student from Skudai and not a tourist, and the attacking group was not as big as reported.

“We have not received any report from the Uber driver. The victim sustained injuries to her hand when she was pulled out. Only one or two cab drivers were involved and it is not true that over 50 cabbies had attacked the woman and the Uber driver. If it was that many, police would have known and rushed over to check on the commotion,” he said.

Rusdi warned taxi drivers to not take the law into their own hands and to not cross the line, or face action from the police. “If passengers choose to use e-hailing app services, then it is their choice. I believe the government is studying the issue before making a decision,” he told the free daily.

“Until then, disgruntled taxi drivers should simply wait for the decision or take their grouses to the relevant authorities and not turn to violence. We will have no choice but to take action against them if they vent their frustrations by resorting to violence as it concerns public safety,” he added.