Subaru has finally released the full lap video of its record-breaking attempt on the Isle of Man TT Course. In early June, Mark Higgins piloted a specially-developed, Prodrive-built Subaru WRX STI at an average speed of 207.17 km/h (128.73 mph) around the 60.37 km (37.73-mile) road course, setting a new record time of 17 minutes and 35 seconds.

The 20 minutes and 23 seconds-long onboard video includes not just information on the car’s telemetry during the record attempt, but also Higgins’ heart rate, respiratory rate and skin temperature as well. At certain parts of the narrow track, Higgins’ heart rate is seen hitting 150 beats per minute.

Additionally, Higgins also commentates on his attempt in the video, providing some insights on the various corners and sections of the road track. If you want to know just how demanding and difficult the Isle of Man course is, listen up.

Subaru 2016 Isle of Man TT 6

Higgins’ Subaru is powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged boxer-four revving to 8,500 rpm. Output is rated at 600 hp and 542 Nm, channelled through a sequential WRC-spec gearbox. The modified Subaru also gains a drag reduction system (DRS), with an active rear wing that reduces the rear downforce to increase top speed at a push of a button.

Impressive stuff, don’t you think? Of course, Higgins will have to do a lot more to beat the record for motorcycles at this year’s TT – 16 minutes and 58 seconds – set by Michael Dunlop on his BMW S1000RR, with an average of 213.42 km/h (133.39 mph).