2016 BMW G310 R - Riders in the storm graphic novel crop

The interest surrounding the impending release of the 2016 BMW Motorrad G310 R has raised anticipation amongst the local motorcycle riding crowd, but, aside from a viewing tour recently where a single G310 R was put on display, not much else has been forthcoming from BMW Motorrad Malaysia. However, the marketing hype surrounding the G310 R now goes in a different direction, with the release of a graphic novel titled “Riders in the storm”, featuring the G310 R.

Produced in collaboration with publisher Panini Verlags, the graphic novel is written by Darko Macan, and illustrated by Riccardo Burchielli. Drawing on real-life personalities for inspiration, Riders in the storm illustrates the adventures of policewman Makani – based on tattoo-model Makani Terror – and her companions, racing rider Eve, street artist Nikki Animah and a wolf with super-powers.


Naturally, the heroes will be riding “suitable” motorcycles from BMW Motorrad’s range as they battle the mysterious Black Riders – also based on real people, according to Hermann Paul, managing director of Panini Verlags. Scheduled for release in October, Riders in the storm is a work of passion for Burchielli, who is an avid motorcyclist and previously illustrated for DC Comics, Marvel and Dark Horse.

Burchielli says riding a bike is “how you relate to your natural surroundings and the landscapes you pass through. It’s a feeling of freedom that comes from your ability to move freely in the world like a cowboy. It’s also about your connection with your motorcycle, which is rather like a loyal friend. And not least it’s about total relaxation. When you’re riding your bike, that’s all you’re focused on. There’s no room for anything else in your head – you’re totally free at that moment.”