Der neue Mercedes-AMG GT R: Entwickelt in der „Grünen Hölle“

Now that Lewis Hamilton has returned to civilisation after seeking out the “Beast of the Green Hell” in an unknown jungle, the three-time Formula 1 world champion has expressed his intentions to design a special edition of the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car.

Speaking to Top Gear, Lewis said he is already in talks with AMG boss Tobias Moers on the possibility of his own limited-edition GT. “When they first brought the AMG GT R to me I had all these ideas! I was talking to Tobias, “you’ve got all this F1 technology, and you’ve got the world champion driving your car, let’s do something together.”

“At some stage I want to do my own car with them, like a GT LH or something like that. A limited edition series, which I can test, which I can setup, and which I can have a real hands-on approach with the design. When they eventually give me the budget to do so!” he added.

Just how Hamilton plans to spec a GT LH remains to be seen. The recently-unveiled GT R (again, not the Nissan model) is already quite the potent beast. Aside from the uprated 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8, now producing 577 hp and 699 Nm of torque, the GT R also benefits from several chassis and aero improvements.

In the same Top Gear interview, Lewis explained what he enjoys in road cars. “I’m always waiting for the new and next thing to come out, always about that sexy look. So it’s the look, the sound, and I’m always looking for horsepower. Everyone wants big horsepower.” A sign of things to come then?