What you’re looking at is a heavy facelift of the current generation Mitsubishi Lancer. This restyle adopts Mitsubishi’s current “X-shaped” family face, found on the latest Mitsubishi cars such as the Outlander. The side view however, reveals the car’s GS platform Lancer origins.

The interior gets some minor updates as well, but everything is largely the same as the current generation Mitsubishi Lancer. From what we’ve learned, this restyle was done by Mitsubishi’s Chinese partners for their domestic market so we shouldn’t expect it to make its way to other markets such as Malaysia.

Instead, the rest of the world should get a different facelift that was first unveiled in the US in October 2015. It’s right hand drive market debut was Australia in December 2015.

The next generation Mitsubishi Lancer would most probably be based on a Nissan C-segment car. Such a development was announced in late 2014, however in mid-2015 Mitsubishi said the project had not gone far and they had started developing the model on their own just in case the project did not progress.

This was before Nissan decided to buy into Mitsubishi earlier this year, so we expect this should oil things along when it comes to the the joint development.

GALLERY: 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Facelift (US and Australia)