The Toyota uBox, (also called Deep Orange 6), utilises TeXtreme carbon fabrics for the door panels, rear hatch, dashboard as well as the bumpers and cladding. Significant weight savings, improved mechanical performance and superior surface smoothness have been achieved through the use of the fabric.

TeXtreme is different from traditional carbon-fibre due to its proprietary production methods. Said methods form an extremely light and thin spread tow carbon-fibre reinforcement. The material is used in Formula 1, Nascar, Oracle Team USA America’s Cup boat and also in sporting goods.

“With our exposed carbon-fibre reinforce plastic (CFRP) interior components on Deep Orange 6, it was a high priority to use a woven carbon-fibre fabric with a unique weave pattern,” explained Dr. Johnell Brooks, associate professor in Clemson University’s graduate department of automotive engineering.

“TeXtreme’s materials exceeded our expectations, as it has given us a beautiful finish on the interior, is a high quality product that is easy to lay up without distorting the weave, and the spread tow tapes leave a very smooth finish on the final part,” Brooks added.

The Toyota uBox (Deep Orange 6) aims to create a value proposition for a younger generation (generation Z) “that has little money to spare and less interest in vehicle ownership.” The same generation that requires a personal mobility solution for commuting and shopping but with low cost of ownership, extra space, range and performance for leisure activities.