2017 BMW Motorrad F800 GS Adventure - 6

With the threat of a terrorist attack in London rated as ‘severe’, the city’s police force has selected the 2016 BMW Motorrad F800 GS to improve its response time for such incidents. Members of a special counter-terrorist armed force will ride pillion on an F800 GS ridden by a rider from the police motorised division.

According to a Sky News report, the dual-purpose F800 GS has the capability to mount kerbs and go off-road, reducing the amount of time the response unit is held up in traffic. “Traffic can be gridlocked at the best of times – certainly in the times of an attack. If you look at Europe, at Paris and Belgium, traffic becomes a major impingement on a rapid response,” said an unnamed member of the counter-terrorism unit.

As part of its tactical response, armed officers pillion riding on motorcycles is intended to provide a fast and effective means for police to react to a terrorist incident in the city of London. This was announced as an increased number of police are deployed across London, including at major landmarks.

The 2016 BMW Motorrad F800 GS carries a 798 cc parallel-twin that produces 85 hp and 83 Nm of torque, with long suspension travel that is typical of dual-purpose motorcycles. The 2016 F800 GS retails for RM56.900, including GST and road tax, but excluding insurance.