Aside from introducing new models this year, Proton will also be making some adjustments to its engine line-up of its models, according to the national carmaker’s chief technical officer, Abdul Rashid Musa. “We are aligning our models and engines to avoid overlapping and cross cannibalisation,” he told

The imminent introduction of the 2016 Persona heralds the end of the CamPro IAFM (Intake Air-Fuel Module) engine on the B-segment model. That’s because the new model will employ the 1.6 litre VVT (Variable Valve Timing) engine from the Iriz.

The IAFM mill also looks set to be discontinued from other models including the Saga and Preve. The former will follow in the new Persona’s footsteps of dropping the IAFM unit, and will adopt the 1.3 litre VVT engine from the Iriz. As the new Saga will only debut after the 2016 Persona, the current Saga FLX is offered exclusively with the IAFM mill for both CVT and manual variants.

2016 Proton Persona Spoiler_02

Both the new Persona and Saga will make the switch to the VVT mills in the interest of fuel efficiency (10-13% better fuel consumption compared to the Persona IAFM) and longer service intervals (every 10,000 km). In terms of power, the 1.3 litre unit on the Iriz makes the same amount as the 1.3 IAFM+ in the Saga FLX (95 PS, 120 Nm), while the 1.6 litre VVT is pretty similar to the 1.6 litre IAFM+ (109 PS, 150 Nm). The Iriz is the only Proton model offered with both VVT engines for now.

As for the Preve, the IAFM engine offered on the Executive manual and CVT variants will be dropped in the future, leaving just the 1.6 litre turbocharged CFE engine (CVT). The Preve will then join the Exora, which is offered with just the CFE engine on all three variants – Executive, Premium and Super Premium – on sale.

Meanwhile, the CamPro CPS (Cam Profile Switching) engine will no longer be in production, and is not offered on any current Proton model. The engine first debuted on the facelifted Gen 2 in 2008, before making its way to other models like the Waja, Satria Neo and Exora.