The Volkswagen brand now has a new custodian on our shores – Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS) is now the official distributor of Volkswagen vehicles in Malaysia, as Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM). Leading the new charge are the company’s two managing directors, Alin Tapalaga (pictured, left), who oversees brand and human resource operations, and Florian Steiner, who takes care of aftersales, information technology and finance.

“VPCM is fully committed to the future growth of the Volkswagen brand amidst the highly competitive automotive landscape in Malaysia. Customers can also rest assured that we will be increasing the CKD model line-up, and will continue to import CBU models into the country,” said Tapalaga.

“Customer satisfaction remains a priority to us, and we recognise the importance of a strong relationship with our dealer partners in order to achieve this. Together, we will continue to explore new ways to further enhance our customers’ experience,” Steiner added.

Volkswagen Jetta facelift 18

To that end, VPCM has introduced a five-year, manufacturer-backed warranty for all Volkswagen cars bought from September 1 onwards – replacing the current 2+3 coverage. VPCM will also be launching the facelifted Jetta and the B8 Passat within the next few months.

Porsche Holding Salzburg, the largest automotive distributor in Europe, is a holding company which is actually an entity separate from the famed Stuttgart auto manufacturer. Founded in 1974, Porsche Holding was installed as VW importer in Austria, and its automotive business has diversified since, including financing and retail in its portfolio.

Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM), meanwhile, will be concentrating its business interest in Malaysia on the Audi brand as well as its vehicle assembly operation in Pekan. It will get a new managing director, Jeffrey Dehate, from October 1, replacing current head Armin Keller.