2016 SPANCO Defensive Driving - 2

In an effort to contain an ever burgeoning repair cost for vehicles under its management, SPANCO – fleet manager for government vehicles – is implementing the SPANCO defensive driving programme for government drivers, specifically those driving concession vehicles.

SPANCO currently manages over 12,000 government saloon cars – costing RM700 million – across Malaysia, and is facing a challenge in capping costs arising from accidents and repairs. According to SPANCO chief executive officer Datuk Hamzah Mohd Salleh, 2,707 accidents were recorded in 2015, resulting in RM8.1 million repair costs.

The initial defensive driving programme involved a total of 55 public servants from various ministries and government agencies. The programme is targetted at those driving official cars and department vehicles on a daily basis.

2016 SPANCO Defensive Driving - 1

“What is more concerning is as of August of this year, 2,666 accidents were recorded, with a cost of RM8 million, which is almost the same as the entire cost for 2015,” said Hamzah. It was also stated that SPANCO concession vehicles collected more than 72,000 police summonses for speeding.

Hamzah said the high number of accidents not only caused SPANCO to incur huge losses, but also resulted in disruptions to fleet operations when vehicles were laid up for repair, or written off. “It is hoped that with the SPANCO defensive driving programme, government drivers will become safe and responsible drivers.